Stuff that I work on or have worked on. Projects I Have Started

  • jsVNC, a javascript based VNC client.

  • Hobs, drop-in replacement for Websockets.

  • Beanstemc, Java beanstalkd client library.

  • Beancake, integration of CakePHP and beanstalkd.

  • MIFCHO, a multi-purpose gateway based on a https-complaint overlay for accessing firewalled ressources.

Projects I have Contributed To

  • MiG, Minimum Intrusion Grid, bachelor thesis on remote access to virtual machines in MiG. And filebrowser and job-monitor enhancements.

  • Virtual Machine Builder, added support for building VMWare ESXi machines.

  • Zabbix, implemented windows version of zabbix_sender.exe and a function for creating triggers based on text-based search in logs.